The main attraction for using David James Markets besides our providing what we believe to be one of the best trading platform and charting package in the world to date, (free of charge), is that we actually pay you cash back on your trades.   Read more:-

Also, for those for those among you that would like to be able to use electronic automated programs or simply prefer to trade with a well-established trading platform used by many professional traders; You also have access to  metatrader4 as an alternative trading platform. So you are spoilt for choice from day one.

Is David James Markets LTD Regulated?

David James Markets is a fully regulated broker/dealer and licensed by the VFSC (Licence No. 13182) The purpose of this, is for the protection of clients and to ensure that David James Markets LTD  adheres to strict financial regulations as are and should be enforced by all regulators across the globe.

Click here for a list of VSFC regulated Broker/Dealers Licenses.


Do we have a conflict of interest with our customers?

There is zero conflict of interest between David James Markets LTD and its customers. David James Markets  makes its money from a small mark up on the spread (Buy/Sell price). Unlike 99% of spread-betting companies we do not make money from our customer’s losses.

This is very refreshing as most spread betting companies most certainly DO have a conflict of interest with their clients. They work more like a horse racing bookmaker (hence the name “Spread-betting”) and make money when customers such as yourself lose money. This also means that the company must also speculate a percentage of trades to cover against some of their customers’ positions and if done incorrectly as has happened in the past it could and has lead to the spread-betting company going bankrupt. Two prime examples were and


David James Markets LTD. follows the very simple rule that “Prevention is better than Cure” and therefore by not taking these unnecessary risks David James Markets has zero conflict of interest with its clients.