All customers at David James Markets that open an account with a Minimum of £2000 or more receive a flat 10% cash-back on their trades. You can see when you log into your account a running total of how much you have traded per point/pip for all trades closed out. It is very simple. You receive 10% of that. We pay out £1000’s to our customers every single month.

All scalpers are welcome.


If you take multiple trades on the UK100 index (The FTSE100 being one of the most popular trading instruments in the UK market) and your total of closed trades for the month is £5000 you will receive 10%. ie £5000 x 10% = £500.

It doesn’t matter if you use £1 or £1000 per point it is the total that you have traded on which you will receive 10% cash-back. Some scalpers can and do trade over £50,000 a month due to constantly getting in and out of trades very quickly.

Total traded for month £50,000 x 10% = £5000 a month cash-back.

It doesn’t matter if at the end of each month you make money, breakeven or even lose. You will still receive your rebates on the total amount of closed out trades. Payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer for large amounts.

Condition of cancelling of the promotion:  In the event that rebates are sent to a new client via PayPal for three consecutive months and each payment is returned by PayPal due to the client not opening or having a PayPal account and the said client does not respond to our emails or does not email us directly concerning these rebates then any offer of rebates before or after will be withdrawn; meaning there will be no payments of rebates to this the client in question at all.


There is no conflict of interest.

Unlike other companies that make money when you lose, David James Markets cannot make anything from your losses. We will do everything we can to help you become a profitable trader. If you continue to make money then so do we.